The Mystery

The Ghost Rocket sightings most often consist of fast flying missile shaped objects that move with little or no sound. They are often reported to crash in lakes, and in some cases land in a seemingly controlled fashion before sinking. The object can vary in size and have been seen with and without wings, but are usually considered to be too small to carry a pilot. Sightings were reported primarily in Sweden and Finland regions but other incidents have been recorded, In greece, Portugal, Belgium and Italy.

The Wave of Sightings
The Ghost Rockets phenomenon got the attention of the international press as well as the Swedish government  a wave of sighting started on 26, February 1946, Shortly after the first sightings a string of reports flooded in from all over Sweden. At first it was though they were caused by meteor showers, or by the Russians testing captured German V-1 and V-2 missiles but no tangible evidence has been found to support these theories.

Military Involvement
Due to the large number of reports the Swedish military formed the Ghost Rockets Investigation Committee. They had one primary objective: identify the objects and determine their origin. At the lake Kölmjärv, a three week military search yielded little other then presents of craters on the lake bed and torn off aquatic plants. Despite evidence that something had crashed, they were unable to determine what. Both the US and British military felt Sweden was ill equipped to handle the investigation. The RAF setup a team called Task force 196, equipped with the latest in scanning technology, and put them on standby at Heathrow. However Swedish Prime Minister at the time, Per Albin Hansson refused them entry due to the fears that Sweden’s “neutral” status was at risk.

Established in the 1970s UFO-Sweden is a strictly non profit organisation dedicated to research and preservation of UFO phenomena, the group which is funded in part by membership subscription prides itself on its ability to solve most of the cases it investigates. UFO-Sweden have spent considerable time collecting books, video, photo and audio material from all over the globe. And now have the largest known UFO archive in the world. One of the newest additions to the archive is the declassified ghost rockets documents from the Swedish Military consisting of witness statements, drawings and investigation results, making the Ghost Rockets one of the best documented UFO-cases in history.

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