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The Ghost Rockets Investigation Portal (GRIP) is a unique experience designed to find patterns inside thousands of declassified military reports from the Swedish military. Inside GRIP you can tag clues within the reports, comment on sections within the text, discuss findings with other users and collect information to propose theories.

Even though the Swedish Ghost Rockets Investigation Committee back in 1946 failed to draw a conclusion to the mystery, they did leave behind thousands of documents and reports, consisting of witness statements, military correspondence, maps, diagrams and official investigation reports, making the Ghost Rockets one of the best documented UFO-cases in history.

Maybe with the help of today’s technology and by working together, we can find something in the reports? A clue, a pattern, something consistent, something that might finally reveal an answer.

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The team


Mike Cavanagh - documentary filmmaker, digital design and content.

Asta Wellejus - digital director and producer.

Kerstin Übelacker - documentary filmmaker, digital co-producer

UFO Sweden

Clas Svahn - vice president and international coordiator UFO-Sweden

Anders Liljegren - AFU - Archives for the Unexplained

The digital team

Portaplay, Hans von Knut Skovfoged and David Karpantschof - digital design, programming, implementation.

The Swarm, Jason DaPonte, Simon Allen - digital design, social media and graphic design.

Andrea  Arvidsson - community manager


Our funders and supporters

Kulturkontakt nord, Innovativ Kultur, BoostHbg and Medea




Thanks to:

Christian Badse, Danish Broadcast for participation in design and scope workshops.

The Swedish National Archive/The War Archive

Interns- Jon Högman, Cecilia Roos, Markus Ulvsand, Moa Lindqvist, Sarah Olsson


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