Report table L47 (1946-09-22 -- 1946-10-25)
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sun-like white shine plus a smaller light
projectile that spew our blue-white light at intervals
violet light, explosion, distance 4 kilometers
white fireball with fiery tail
cigar-shaped, aluminun-coloured, no wings nor smoke
aluminum-coloured cigar, engine sound
yellow ball with tail, zig zag course
ball of light, white tail
red shine with a green tail
light observed, fire on ground, slag found
noiseless projectile with sparks during 5 seconds
small ball exploded with a bang, no fragments
red-yellow ball, no sound
rod-shaped, buzzing sound, seen for several minutes
projectile with wings crashed into Lake Albosjön
white light, no noise, sighted for 25 seconds
two yellow luminous objects left tails in zig zag pattern


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