Report table L07 (1946-07-09 -- 1946-07-09)
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silvery line in the sky, explosion, something seemed to fall
""rocket-like"" object
silvery object, fell in a 60 degree trajectory
explosion into five yellow stars
fireball with luminous tail, high speed
blue-green droplet with tail, seemed to fall into lake Barken
long fiery tail, explosion, cloud of smoke, distance 50 meters
luminous ball moving from SE to NE
fireball in the north, luminous tail, seemed to fall down
pear-shaped gold-glittering body with tail
pillar of light speeded in the NE
distinct luminous silver-white object
blue-white with firetail, seemed to fall down
green ball with tail in the SE, seemed to fall down
like a rocket-shot in the SE, seemed to fall down
intense fluttering band in the sky, seemed to fall
light-green luminous ball
light like molten iron, elliptical trajectory
luminous thermos bottle, something fell, slag-like things found
intense luminous object in NE, 35-45 degrees over horizon
greenish ball with tail in the NE
white fireball with tail, exploded
luminous object with silver-glistening tail, seemed to fall down
big luminous phenomenon, whining sound, something falling, a smell
rod-shaped object crashed towards ground
luminous object with long trail of smoke
silvery sugartop fell towards ground
comet-like, seemed to fall into Lake Ullen


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