Report table L08 (1946-07-09 -- 1946-07-09)
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sharp light, descending path
intense light, 30 degree angle
ball with blue-white shine in the east
white ball with smoketail
silver-glittering object in the SE, tall tail
white fireball in the south, seemed to crash into Fyrisbadet
comet-like with a long blue-green tail
strong shine, northernly course
ray of light, sharply sloping trajectory
fireball with tail, seemed to fall in a field
sharp luminous blue-green light close to zenith
bluish shine i the ENE, tail of smoke
red-glowing ball, hissing sound, seemed to fall
metallic-glowing fish-like body, seemed to fall down
light phenomenon, 20-30 degrees angle
""30 meter long"" fiery object, seemed to fall down
ball with strongly glittering band, fell down
light phenomenon in the NNE, blue tail, descending
silvery ball, luminous tail
luminous body in the SSW, tail, fell down
fireball, arced trajectory, moved towards ground
fiery phenomenon in the NE, intensely white, fell vertically
light-green tail, fizzling sound, a bang
luminous ball in the SE, extinguished
bluegreen luminous body in the East, fell down
silver-glittering object in the NE, fell down
sharp light phenomenon in the east, a long tail
shining object fell down in the NE


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