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3 resons to why it isent likely that Sweden was a missile testing area

1) OPSEC, operational security

The very essens of not giving away information to the enemy is secresy.

Like the russian winterattack and retakening of  iniative on the estern front, the generals gave the order only by mouth noting written, nothing on radio, the assult was a complete surprise.

Breaking OPSEC often means heavy penalty, like the German soldier who went to the local pub before the attack on Eben emanuel fort, he was executed.

The building of Kursk submarines, it was notknown until NATO spotted a hughe shadow under the polar ice, nothing written, nothing on radio.

Todays unannonced rediness exercises in Russia of 50 000 soldiers or more that no inteligence sevice have knowledge of. It proves that the art of secrecy is still of most  importance in Russia.

WHY SHOULD RUSSIA GIVE AWAY NEW TECHNOLOGY by sending experimentall rockets that may impact in a forigen land? that breaks all logical advantage of not give away anything to the enemy.

 US  did the same the took all of the captured VII rockets to US soil togheter white the inventors, they did not stay and performed secret tests over forigen soil, the did that in secret and remote areas as  Alamo.

The russians did the same white their launch and test facilitys, remote areas inside thier one country.

2) TECHNICHAL, As known by that time a V1 rocket had a range of 250-300 km, the rockets in Sweden have travelled many more km, Some have flewn half the country. A range that did not be reacht until mid 50s by other rockettypes. The rockets described are also small from 1 m to 5m (maby more) that could not be thinkable that they could carry that amont of fuel in such a small rocket.

Guidance systems that should have been nececery to guide all of those rockets didnt apear on other missiles at least 10 years later, mid 50s. Those systems where large in comparisance and could not have been fitted in the small rockets that passed Swedish airspace.

The VI and VII rockets that impacted in Sweden sent by the Germans was found and the remains handed back to them, no remains of hundreds of other suspected trails of experemental missiles over Sweden turn into wrecks, that fact also seems unlikely.

3) POLITICAL Russians arnt dumb, if they did put a neutral Sweden in harms way by totaly bombard it by hundreds of early cruise missiles and that this very fact was known it would or might pusch Sweden towards Western aliances, THAT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DISIRED.

At the end of WWII swedens industry was intact and Euroupe adn Russia was negoiting in trade and would never blow that by making rockettests. The trade would mean fare more then tests.

This is my answer/ explenation why i do not belewe that it is russina rockets.

Anders E


Sweden did not return al the remains from V1 and V2 to the germans. Infact the swedish government smuggled som of the remains to GB. We also developed one of our our first missiles with V1 as prototype.



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