Report table L29 (1946-08-11 -- 1946-08-11)
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lightball with tail, dived vertically down
white-green ball, falling fragments
strong yellow-green luminous ball with tail
torpedo ""1 meter long"", bright-yellow nose
white-luminous ball, tail, fragments falling
spool-shaped luminous body
yellow shine with a long tail
stream of light, tail of sparks
green fireball and a similar one 5 minutes later
strong red-luminous ball, no sound
bluewhite light
red-yellow oblong body with tail
lighted body in wide arc trajectory, sparks
""1 meter long"" with extinguishing sparks
blue-white ball, cloud that took the shape of a fish
white magnesium shine, red-green tail
strong light, exploded, extinguished
fireball with gnistening tail, shone like magnesium
blue-white spool-shaped, tail and sparks
white fireball with tail, altitude estimated at 500 meters
sharply luminous white fireball, narrowing tail
black object trailing intense flame
bluewhite fireball following by smaller fireball
white-luminous ball, tail, fragments


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