Report table L25 (1946-08-11 -- 1946-08-11)
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very strong, clearly white shine
intense luminous ball with tail and sparks
no description
object with luminous tail, no sound
big yellow ball with smaller ball as if on a rope
strongly luminous ball with tail and sparks
head with a long tail, extinguished
luminous ball, tail like a welding arc
spool-shaped with green sparks, exploded, fell towards ground
cigar-shaped with strong red-yellow shine
light-green ball the size of the moon
luminous object, faintly luminous spots, smoke
no description
strongly luminous fireball with tail and explosion
strong white, spool-shaped with tail
dazzling blue-white light, hissing, seemed to fall towards ground
torped with lightnings after 5 seconds
like burning magnesium, sharply white
big and luminous, stubby in front, turned into fireball
strongly luminous, first white then changed to red
blue-white ball
strongly luminous yellow torpedo, six or seven smokerings after


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