Report table L21 (1946-08-06 -- 1946-08-08)
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fireball like the moon, ""but smaller""
big cloud of gas in the sky = Vampire jets
smoke-trail = Vampire jets
smoke-trail = Vampire jets
balloon-shaped, glistening, no smoke
looked like a gull (bird), surrounded by a bluish shine
long torpedo accompanied by deafening sound
intemittently white or yellow ball, no tail
object that looked like a star, maybe balloon
fireball, strongly luminous, no tail
spool-shaped, dark, no smoke or fire
fireball observed by employee of the Air Defence department of the Defence Staff
object that looked like a V-1 missile
red luminous object followed by green tail
large luminous yellow-red ball, no tail
constant, rather loud sighing sound
luminous ball, similar to balloon, moving at 60 km/h
glowing ball, intermittently red and yellos, with tail


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